Gravitational Waves

I am interested in gravitational waves [GWs].  My study involves the propagation of these waves through astrophysical plasmas where the matter is charged. I am investigating if the GWs can be absorbed in any significant way by the charged particles. Such studies could have have significant implications for the possible observations of the GWs originating from the big bang.

Gravitational Lensing

I am investigating the role of the motions of astronomical objects creating multiple images of a given, more distant source. There is a difference in light travel times from the images from such gravitational lensed objects. I am investigating how the motions of objects could affect the observed time delays.


Observational Astronomy

With astronomers at the European Observatory astronomers, I have used large telescopes in Chile to observe the haloes of very distant galaxies too see if there exists any young stars. Our findings have been positive so far challenging the modern theories of galaxy formation.

I am in the process of developing techniques that can be used with our new 27″ telescope to study certain stellar systems suspected of having extra-solar planets.



A critical look at the modern astronomical observations and at the nature life here on Earth, it is natural to expect the fact that life must be commonplace throughout the universe. I am particularly interested in the possibility of at least microbial life on Mars. I am very keen on the latest discovery of Methane in the atmosphere of Mars.